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What do we mean by Funghi?

Funghi is the Italian word for mushrooms.

They are a type of fungus that typically grows in damp, dark environments and play a vital role in the ecosystem. Some fungi are edible and used in cooking, while others can be toxic.

They come in various shapes, sizes, and colours and are known for their distinctive spore-producing structures.

Fungi have a significant impact on nature, as they decompose organic matter, form symbiotic relationships with plants, and contribute to the nutrient cycle in ecosystems.

What do we mean by Moss?

Moss is a small, non-flowering, primitive plant belonging to the Bryophyte group.

It lacks true roots, stems, and leaves, instead having simple, leaf-like structures for photosynthesis.

Mosses typically grow in dense, soft clumps or carpets in damp environments, such as forests, rocks, or moist soil.

They play essential roles in ecological processes, such as soil formation and moisture retention, and serve as habitat and food sources for various organisms.

What do we mean by Lichen?

Lichen is a unique symbiotic organism composed of a fungus and an alga or cyanobacterium living together in a mutualistic relationship.

The fungus provides structure and protection, while the photosynthetic partner (algae or cyanobacteria) produces food through photosynthesis.

Lichen is often found growing on rocks, trees, and other surfaces, and it comes in various shapes and colours.

It plays a crucial role in ecosystems by contributing to soil formation and serving as a bioindicator of environmental health.