Lochmaben Community Event Calendar

All Community Groups are invited to share their up and coming Community Events on this calendar.
Select the Add NEW Event tab to the right to add an event – please note there will be a delay before it appears to allow it to be reviewed.

If you need help email your event and and poster to webmaster@gmail.com

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The event name. Example: Birthday party


This is a recurring event.


For a recurring event, a one day event will be created on each recurring date within this date range.

This event repeats every day days week on weeks on month on the months on the year years of each month
Event Times to


Create a location or start typing to search a previously created location.

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Using the EVENT Calendar
email webmaster@lochmaben.org.uk if you need help

Using the EVENT page

The default page is the CALENDAR

  1. Select the tab ADD A NEW EVENT and complete the custom form. 
  2. Name and Email allow an event organiser to be contacted by the Event Administrator and will never be shared with any third party.
  3. Date(s) and Time(s) of the event.   An EVENT can occur once or, if regular can be recurring. e.g First Monday of every month, etc.
  4. LOCATION allows full details including an address to be added.  If the location already exists it will appear in a list.
    Once a LOCATION is created, it can be used when creating future EVENTS.  
    LOCATIONS can either be a PHYSICAL LOCATION or NO LOCATION (An example might be the Lochmaben Gala which covers the town)
    For example, we have pre-created physical locations for;
    Lochmaben Church,
    Lochmaben Community Centre
    Lochmaben Primary School and
    Lochmaben Town Hall so far, add your own or use these ones.
  5. Formatting – EVENT entries can be formatted and a picture added – note these must be no larger than 700 x 700 pixels
    You can also add hyperlinks, formatted text, tables, bullet points / numbered lists, etc
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